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All-in-one marketing has never been this suite.

Unified Platform

A better way to create and manage campaigns.​​

Akreto is the only campaign-first marketing platform. Each individual activity is scheduled within a campaign to organize communications around a single objective and theme. Our approach allows the marketer to bring brand purpose to life through creative work, and then analyze rolled-up performance metrics.



Build emails with best-in-class drag and drop builder. Only platform with personalized and transactional email-building that requires no html or handlebars.​


Build landing pages, blog articles, and more with drag and drop visual builder. Built-in SEO, social, and sharing features.​


Create and schedule organic posts across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.​


Build signup forms for your website to collect emails and other information.


Engage consumers using mobile-specific outreach via SMS, mobile push, and in-app notifications.



Use social listening to understand brand sentiment, receive product feedback, and improve customer service.


Build and send surveys, including pre-built NPS survey, to gather feedback from customers.

Organic Search Placement​​​

Leverage SEO insights and recommendations to improve search visibility.​


Direct Mail

Create and programmatically send postcards and letters designed in-platform.​​

Ad Retargeting​

Target Facebook and Google ads using Akreto segments through seamless sync.



Build advanced segments with an intuitive, powerful builder. Segment on demo, web activity, purchase behavior and more.


Create complex automations with intuitive, flexible builder. Supports complex conditional logic and robust ecommerce integration.


Flexible and dynamic features that allow for robust personalization across channels and require no html or handlebars.​​

The backbone for digital brands​

The world’s most powerful and easy-to-use marketing software​.​​


Leverage technology and data to drive better outcomes.


Save time and money by reducing manual work.


Foster customer engagement and loyalty through personalization.

Unified Platform

A better way to create and manage campaigns.​

Short & Long-term Orientation​

Comprehensive tools to support your long-term brand building initiatives and short-term direct response activities.​

Empowerment Platform​

Our software requires the least amount of development support – empowering marketers to execute their plans.​


Marketing activities are organized within campaigns around shared objectives with rolled-up analytics.​

Advanced Reporting​​

Most comprehensive reporting and analytics with calculated marketing KPIs, turning data into opportunity.

The backbone for digital brands​

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